Northeast Comicon Wrap-Up Part 1


Hey, everyone!

Whelp, it’s been a week since NorthEast Comic Con, and I had an amazing time. NECC was produced by Gary Sohmers and Deric Shea. They run a company called IMAGE, (not the publisher) whose goal is to create a more efficient and friendly convention environment. They did a great job organizing this event, and even had advertising space during the show The Big Bang Theory!


Flying solo at conventions has given me a lot more table space to work with. This show I advertised my commissions and sketch cards more, so I ended up doing a lot of sweet drawings for people. Oh, look! Here are some now!

P1020105 P1020108 P1020110 P1020111P1020115

I was also commissioned to do some drawings as Christmas gifts, but I can’t show those until after they’ve been sent out. I wouldn’t want to ruin the surprise, or anything!

My friend Jon Benton came to help out with my table, and he became my official photographer  for the event. Thanks to him for these amazing shots!


DSC_1985DSC_2039DSC_2019Stay tuned for part 2 of my NECC post, where I’ll post all of pics Jon did of the cosplayers we met!




NorthEast Comic Con!


Hey, everyone!

I’ll be tabling at NorthEast Comic Con this weekend!


Come see me and have me draw stuff for you! I’ll be there both days, and I’ll be selling copies of Alice Frame and Beyond Mode 7, along with some sweet prints!

See you there!


Commission – Roll in Casual Wear


Here is a commission I did for a fellow on DeviantArt. It’s Roll from Mega Man. She is dressed in a more casual outfit, as requested, and I think it came out great!

I’m still available for commissions, by the way! Shoot me an email if interested!

Roll © Capcom. Art © Jesse DuRona 2014