The Rumors of My Death…

So I’m still alive and kicking, everyone! So sorry for the long hiatus, but there has been a lot going on this summer. I recently finished a week long animation workshop at CCS, and I’m not afraid to use Flash anymore!

I will post the video I made during the workshop soon, but for now (to prove that I have actually been working) here is my submission for the new Trees & Hills anthology:



As a wide-eyed youth, my friends and I would play in our yards like this. We had such vivid imaginations. Even a few trees and a bit of dirt could be an enchanted forest. Now, granted, I still use my imagination quite a bit, but I wonder if it will ever be as potent as it was back then. *sigh*

Anyhoo, I’d eventually like to add color to this, but T&H only accepts B&W (or grayscale, but that ruins my abbreviations).

Stay safe in this looming storm!


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