Despondent Mega Man – Heartbreaker


Happy Valentie’s Day, everybody!

Yes, I know this one is wrong (VERY wrong), but we’ve all thought it, and it was okay in Star Wars, right?

Characters © Capcom. As always, comic was done entirely on computer with tablet, Sketchbook Pro, and Photoshop CS5


8 thoughts on “Despondent Mega Man – Heartbreaker

  1. WRONG! DuRona, this comic is the exact opposite of what some people think of Star Wars and Mega Man!
    Rock and Roll: It’s okay, they are robots, they are NOT REALLY blood related.
    Luke and Leia: OMG! WTF IS WRONG WITH GEORGE LUCAS! THEY ARE BLOOD RELATED! THAT’S 100%, BLOOD-RELATED, GRADE A+, INCEST!!! (Sorry. I had to get that out of my system.)
    I don’t know why people think Rock and Roll is wrong while Luke and Leia is okay? DuRona, if you get this message, there’s nothing wrong with Rock and Roll having a little bit of action as long as they are still ROBOTS!

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