Post Granite Con Report

Hey all!

Well I just got back from Granite Con, and it was super fun! I didn’t do a lot of shopping or wandering, but I did sell a lot of swag. Here are a few shots of my table:




For those of your really paying attention: yes, those are the completed Despondent Mega Man books! It was done in plenty of time for the con, much to my delight. Here are some close ups right after the binding and trimming were done:


Every copy of the book in their despondent glory!


A nice close up. I’m really happy with the cover.

So far I’ve sold five of these bad boys, and three more are tentatively reserved. I’ll have to get some fan feedback and see if anyone is interested in buying these online. If so, I will print more.


I spent some time with the Ghostbusters of New Hampshire. I love these guys! They are so committed to the art of bustin’ goblins, spooks, and demons!

The Hello Kitty Proton Pack. I’m a fan.

The highlight of the show for me was drawing sketch cards for people. They were so much fun to do, and if we’re being honest, some of them were hard to part with. Here they are!


A Gargoyles character! How cool is that?


For all the Robot Masters I’ve drawn, I’ve never done this one before.


Nor this one!


Oh, this one was hard to let go 😦


But THIS one was my favorite!

As a side note, you might have noticed some thumbnails hiding under some of the pictures of sketch cards. Well, my friends, that is my new comic I’m working on! What is it, you ask? I’ll reveal it soon!

One last note: Despondent Mega Man now officially has a weekly release date. Every Thursday will be “Despondent Thursday,” and I will post a new comic up by that evening, come rain or shine.

That’s it for now! Sorry about the super long update, but I had a lot of ground to cover!


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