A Despondent Update

Hey guys and gals!

You might have noticed that I’ve been strangely absent from the internet, sans my weekly Despondent Mega Man updates. I can list several reasons for this (Dragons Dogma, for one) but what matters is that I’m back with some news!

Firstly, an update on Rock Vs. Robo: I have the thumbnails (mostly) finished, but progress has slowed of late. I’ve been increasing production quality on Despondent Mega Man (more backgrounds, better word balloon placement, etc) so there has been little time for side projects. I’ll be posting regular updates on RvR’s progress once I’ve settled into a groove.

Now for the big news: I’m developing a Despondent Mega Man story arc! Each comic so far has been its own stand-alone gag, but this new story will run for several weeks, and sees our hero in some crazy new situations. I’m not sure yet when this arc will begin, but expect it for sure in the next few weeks!

What will this arc consist of, you ask? You’ll just have to wait and see!

As always, come back Tuesday for more despondency!


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