Game Review: Adventure Time “Hey Ice King, Why’d You Steal Our Garbage!?”

This year I’m trying something new. Whenever I play a new game (new to me, that is) I’m going to post a short review of it. It won’t be objective or structured in any way, just my personal opinion, really. Also, there won’t be any set release schedule for these posts, as I’m keeping it very casual and only doing them whenever I beat a new game.

Our first review is for the 3DS title “Adventure Time: Hey Ice King, Why’d You Steal Our Garbage!?” It’s an action RPG based on the Cartoon Network show of the same name. I confess I’ve only seen the show once in passing, but I really enjoyed the game.

The gameplay is based off of Zelda 2, and it works great here. The combat and leveling system is fun and engaging. You run around on a 2D plane and slash at enemies with your sword, earning new abilities and power-ups as you go. These new abilities in turn give you access to new areas. I usually hate backtracking in games, but I found myself enjoying it here because the gameplay is so smooth and enjoyable. The difficulty felt just right. Not too hard or too easy. I did get my head hanged to me once or twice on a boss though X_X

The graphics are bright and colorful, and capture the cartoon’s art style flawlessly. The animation on the main characters and enemies is great. It’s very smooth and alive. The sound is another great part of the game. The sound effects are never too irritating, and I started humming along with the soundtrack after a while.

Ice King is also very funny. It’s nonsensical and charming. The characters are fun and interesting. It says a lot that I’ve barely seen the show, yet I really got invested in the characters while playing the game.

The only complaint I have with Ice King is that it’s WAY too short. I enjoy short games, but this took me less than a day to finish, and at 100% completion. It does have a New Game + mode, which I will definitely check out, but it doesn’t quite make up for the game’s length.

Overall, despite being too short, I really enjoyed Ice King. It’s funny, has great gameplay and graphics, and offers a fair challenge. I definitely recommend it!


2 thoughts on “Game Review: Adventure Time “Hey Ice King, Why’d You Steal Our Garbage!?”

  1. I’m a big fan of the show, and trust me, the feel, humor, and spirit of the show is represented near perfectly. Since you enjoyed the wacky story and characters here, I definitely recommend watching more of the show; but what’s shown here is only one side of Adventure Time, this is mostly the silly side of the show, but the show itself can vary greatly in tone, mood, and genre. Some episodes are weird and comical like this game, but there is also darker episodes with revelations of tragic back story, more dramatic episodes, and romance focused episodes.

    Anyways about the game, my feeling are similar to yours, its only real flaw is that its too damn short, also I found it a tad too easy, but new game+ doubles all of the enemies’ health, so that problem is relegated a bit. The music is great, so much in fact, that I would mess around some times on bosses just to hear the song’s for a little longer. Hopefully there will be a sequel that is longer and have more playable characters, like Marceline, Flame Princess, and Princess Bubblegum.

  2. Getting this for Christmas. I hear it’s short, but I hear if you are a fan of the show, you will enjoy it more than if you weren’t. Plus I have a soft spot for Zelda 2, so I know this will definitely be my type of game.

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