DuRona: The Return!

Holy crap. I’ve been silent for over a month!

In my defense, it’s been a VERY crazy few weeks. I got engaged, and moved in with my fiancee to a new town. We also got a cat, which has been a huge adjustment for me because I haven’t had pets in over six years!

But you don’t want to hear excuses. I bet you want to know what I’ve been up to all this time.

Well things have been painfully slow on the drawing front. You may recall my friend Randall Drew and I met our Kickstarter goal for Beyond Mode 7, the SNES comics anthology we edited together. Well, the books are almost ready to go out to our backers, but first we both need to finish the many, many, many sketch cards that our backers get as a reward for contributing to the project. Here is the sheet I’m currently working on:



I’m almost done inking them (just a few more sheets to go), and then I must color them. What does this mean for you, dear reader? You guessed it: Despondent Mega Man and Cannibal Crossing have suffered!

The Island of Misfit Games, the DMM story arc I’ve been working on, will start up again soon. I know I left y’all hanging on the last part, but I promise that I’ll post the next one soon!

Also, my personal comic book, Alice in Slumberland, is ready for inking! My hope is to have it done by mid September, just in time for Granite Con!

*whew* Okay, that’s all for now. Once I start coloring these sketch cards, I’ll be posting one a day for a while so you can see I’m actually doing work. In the meantime, thanks for reading, and hopefully you’ll stick around to need to new stuff!



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