DrawnCon recap!


Hello, everyone!

DrawnCon was this weekend in Westford MA. They are in their 2nd year (or season, as they call it) and I had the distinct privilege to table there! It was a really fun show, and I wanted to share it with you all in the hopes that you’ll give it a shot next year!

DrawnCon is a very intimate show. The dealer room could be circled in under five minutes! What it lacked in size, however, it made up for in atmosphere, attitude, and charm. I got to know several new (to me) artists, some of which were tabling for the first time!

FullSizeRender 3 FullSizeRender FullSizeRender 2 IMG_0592


I did a lot of fun commissions this weekend! I did so many, in fact, that I have a few that I couldn’t finish in time, and have to mail out! First up is a sketch card of two characters from Steven Universe. Next is a commission of Sonic and Amy. This one is still for sale, as I mistakenly drew Amy when I was supposed to draw Princess Sally (oops!). And then there’s this cool fox/kangaroo guy! I have no idea what he’s from. The sketch card of the guy with the Mega Buster is hard to explain, but it was fun to draw! I did this Hyrule Warrior’s Link for fun (he’s for sale, too!). Finally, a pic of Tali’Zorah from Mass Effect for DrawnCon’s charity auction. I choose Tali because Jennifer Hale was a guest at the show, so I wanted to do something related to the game!

Just a reminder to you all, I’m available for commissions both in and out of cons! I will draw whatever your heat desires! $25.00 though money order, or Paypal though my email, which is listed on my website banner! Enquire within!

IMG_0580 IMG_0584

I also sold two copies of my Super Nintendo anthology, Beyond Mode 7. I was offering a free sketch-in with every purchase! Here we have Kirby and Yoshi at an eating contest, and Orco from Masters of The Universe! The lucky owners got to pick their own drawings! Beyond Mode 7 is an 80+ page anthology of everything from comics to poetry about the Super Nintendo. For those of you interested in the book, I’m building a store on my site right now, and I’ll have these up for order soon!

Whelp, that’s it for now! It was a great show, and I will definitely be back next year! Now here is a pic of myself and my cat Ripley relaxing at home. Enjoy!






2 thoughts on “DrawnCon recap!

  1. About the “fox/kangaroo” character, he’s a character completely from my imagination. He’s actually 100% ‘roo, and I plan to have him in a webcomic.

    It was great meeting you at the con. I hope to be back next year! 🙂

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